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Our vision

Beit Al Liqa’ (House of Encounter) seeks to be a place where God’s love is felt and seen. It is a place of fellowship with one another, but above all, it is a place to meet the living God.

At Beit Al Liqa’, the Bible, the Word of God, is fundamental and central to our teaching and ministry. It is our mission to call people to follow Jesus as their Savior and Lord, and to help them serve God through their lives and grow in faith.

Through Beit Al Liqa’s various areas of ministry we seek to:

  • Raise the children in our care to be peacemakers by teaching the Word of God starting with the youngest
  • Support young people on their way to adulthood, helping them to become devoted followers of Jesus and take up social responsibility.
  • Share our lives with the people around us, trying to find ways to meet their needs and deal with their issues and questions.
  • Help the Christian community in the Bethlehem region to return to the roots of their faith, and to encourage them to be a witness for Jesus locally.

Make a difference in the lives of many in the Bethlehem region!