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It all began in 1996. Back then, Beit Al Liqa’ started off in rented rooms in the town of Beit Jala. What was originally planned as a Christian café, grew rapidly within just a couple of years and soon more space was needed. In 2000, we purchased a large property of around 3,000 square metres at the heart of the city. In October 2001, a time of political turmoil, we took a leap of faith and laid the foundation to a four-storey building. Johnny Shahwan, founder and head of Beit Al Liqa’ put it this way: “Withstanding all common sense, God gave me the mission to build a house to His glory in the midst of war.”

Through the courage to believe in the future at a time of destruction, Beit Al Liqa‘ turned into a symbol of hope to many. We became a place of refuge for the lost, the needy and the seeking. As we served our community by showing God’s love in practical ways, many opened their hearts to the Word of God.

Today, Beit Al Liqa’ is a blessing to all visitors. A wide range of programs, events and activities for young and old alike are on offer within and without its walls. Beit Al Liqa’ is an oasis of peace and a place to meet the living God.