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Summer camps

Summer camps

Beit Al Liqa’s annual highlight is our three-week summer day camp during the long summer holidays. On average, 170 kids regularly flock to our premises to attend camp which is open from Monday through Friday.

For many years our camps have revolved around specific themes. For instance, one year camp was all about Africa, another year we ‘traveled’ to China, explored the secrets of the sea or were on a mission to find ‘superhero’. A typical camp day starts off with a Bible lesson. The stories, teaching units, Bible memory verses and talks are a great inspiration to the kids. We teach them about the lives of people in other countries and cultures, and what issues they struggle with. We also pray for missionaries and take up a collection for mission projects.

After this session the children are excited to try their hand at the various game stations and workshops, such as crafts, dance, Olympic Games, cookery and discussion round, or are off to romp about in the outdoor playground or to conquer the Peace Ark.

The summer camps are a time for the children to recharge their spiritual batteries and to grow in faith. Many children commit their lives to the Lord for the very first time.

For teens and youngsters we offer overnight tent camps and other events during the summer holidays.

Make a difference in the lives of many in the Bethlehem region!