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Guest House

Be our guest!

Beit Al Liqa´ is a place of encounter for people from all over the world, a perfect spot to meet friends and mingle with the locals.

A large garden, a cozy cafeteria and a delightful terrace with a panoramic view of Bethlehem make our guest accommodation your home away from home in the Holy Land. And of course, free Wi-Fi is available, too. Both an outdoor and indoor playground for all year round fun are available to our little guests.

Beit Al Liqa´ is located in Beit Jala, a little more than four miles from Jerusalem and around one mile from Bethlehem. With a convenient public transport system in place, it is easy to get around and about.

Your home away from home in the Holy Land

Beit Al Liqa’ Guest House was opened in 2013. Nestled in a peaceful valley and surrounded by traditional Palestinian homes, it is an ideal place to stay put for a while. Our comfortable 41 guest accommodations sleep up to 105 people, offering a wide selection of rooms with private bathrooms ranging from single to quintuple rooms and spacious suites to choose from. The bedrooms are all generously proportioned boasting delightfully comfortable beds to guarantee a good night’s sleep after a long day. Before retiring for the day, though, our guests may want to enjoy an evening in the lounge or watch the town skyline light up on the terrace over a glass of wine.

A place of rest

Beit Al Liqa´ is a peaceful oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of the orient. It is a getaway of another kind, and a perfect place to reminisce about the kaleidoscope of impressions you gather in this multifaceted country.

Enjoy our excellent local and international cuisine. Experience a barbecue night under the age old fig tree, and witness the renowned oriental hospitality come alive.

In the afternoons, our garden fills with families from our area, a great time to mix and mingle with the locals and a marvelous opportunity to get to know Beit Al Liqa’s ministry first hand.

Whenever I take a tour group to Israel, a visit to Beit Jala is a must. Beit Al Liqa’ is not a holy island cut off from the rest of the world, but a place of hope in a challenging place. God is at work there. And it is obvious that Jesus, whose birthplace is just a few miles away, is the Master of the house – thank God! We’ll be back for sure!

Christoph Zehendner

As one of the first groups to stay at the brand new guest house at Beit Al Liqa‘ while touring the Holy Land, we didn’t regret our choice for one minute! It is an accommodation we can highly recommend. We will certainly set up base there again on our next trip. It is obvious that there are devoted Christians at work there. Something definitely worth supporting.

Alexander & Caroline Schick

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